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SDT's custom software applications enable your business to become more efficient and profitable by automating manual operations, eliminating duplicative data entry, data entry errors, integrating production output data with your business software, facilitating quicker management decision making with faster and easier access to important business metrics.

Many times all our clients are attempting to accomplish is to simply automate an existing paper-based system.Once we fully understand your needs and requirements, we will write the specification for you at a nominal cost which will be deducted from the final project cost if you decide to have usforward with your project. If nothing else, you'll have a professional written project specification that you can present to other software development companies.Also during the project specification phase, we will determine and suggest whether your software needs to be developed as a Windows application or a handheld application or possibly both. In this day and age, it's not uncommon for companies to have employees spread throughout a region, state or even across country.

Also, there are companies that setup a virtual private network (VPN) so that employees outside of the main location can easily gain access to the internal server.As you can see, the options are endless, but we will help you decide on the best solution for you!

Technologies and software we commonly use to build business applications such as this include:
    √   Microsoft SQL Server
    √   Microsoft Visual Studio
    √   Microsoft .NET Framework
    √   VB.NET
    √   C#
    √   PHP
    √   Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
    √   Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services
    √   Web 2.0 Technology
    √   AJAX
    √   CSS and XHTML
    √   DOM or Document Object Model
    √   XML and XSLT
    √   XMLHttpRequest
    √   Javascript

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