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Liboss - Library Operations Software System

LiBoss is an integrated multiuser library automation system, which caters to the needs of an advanced library and information professionals.

The software was designed to automate all housekeeping operations in library. The software is suitable not only for the academic libraries, but also for all types and sizes of libraries, even school libraries.

The Modules Of LiBoss Are :

a. Creation of users
b. Rights distribution to the users
c. Creation of library
d. Definition of library Policy
a. Selecting materials for a library
b. Placing orders for the supply of books to be purchased
c. Processing materials received as gifts
d. Receiving the books in the library
e. Accessioning
f. Passing the bill for payment for the books purchased.
g. Barcode and Spine printing
h. Budgetary Control
a. Member creation
b. Member type
c. Inter-library loan
d. Overdue charges
e. Issue and return of books
f. Maintenance of the items such as binding, lost, replace, missing,

withdrawal etc.

g. Report generation based on the various requirements.
a. Subscriptions, Periodicals
b. Issues of journals
c. Payment of journals, Binding, and title history
d. Keeps track of the history changes of the journals.
a. Simple Search
b. Boolean Search
c. Linear Search
a. Different templates for leaders and fixed fields of MARC21
b. Allows user-generated customized reports
c. Facilitates authority database of person name, corporate body,

subject headings and series name

d. Supports copy cataloguing in MARC21 format by using ISO-2709


e. Master database of publishers
f. Supports full MARC 21 bibliographic format
a. Track record of issue books
b. Track record of return books
c. Track record of available books in library
d. Details of over dues

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