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Intelli@skool ERP is a powerful and user-friendly School Software ERP System. This software helps you to easily manage your students, teachers, staff and more in your school. All the functions like student enquiries, admissions, registration, fees collection, timetable, library, payroll, examination, and student performance can be best managed by using this software. This is the one software that you will ever need to manage your whole school or educational institute.

Managing a school manually is a challenging task. There are thousands of students and almost double the number of parents. There are a number of teachers and staff members in a school. Managing data of all stakeholders manually can be a complex and time-consuming task. To establish a good reputation of your school you need all information regarding your students, their parents, teachers and staff on your tips and this is possible only by using good school software.

A good management always requires taking quick and efficient decisions. The school administration software will provide all required information to you by click of a mouse and enable you to take quick decisions.

For example, during a meeting with parents of a student, you can view all data of student like attendance, fees, performance, exam marks, discipline, time-table and more by a single click, and then you can communicate to parents accordingly and build a satisfaction and trust for your school.

The World of INTELLI@SKOOL :

• Creation of ERP users
• Rights distribution on the basis of work assigned to the users

For e.g. View / Save / Modify / Remove

• Unique id to every newly admitted/existing
• Student basic details.

For e.g. Parent’s details, address details & academic details.

• Entrance exam details
• Receipt of registration.
• Details of payment vouchers
• Ledger of vendor
• Details of Day book
• Trial Balance
• Income and Expense register
• Promotion of existing enrolled students
• Roll no. generation
• Allotment of group. For e.g. PCM , PCB
• Attendance of students
  ◊ Month wise
  ◊ Year wise
  ◊ Subject wise
• Teaching plan of every subject
• Report of complete syllabus
• Syllabus coverage chart on basis of subject
• Generation of student ID cards
• Upload assignments and homework for students
• Creation of time table class wise
• Creation of faculty/teacher time table
• Complete teaching load of every faculty
• Complete chart of not assigned faculty
• Marks entry
• Generation of report card
• Student analysis on basis of exam record
• Get alert from school administrator or teachers
• Get alert regarding fee
• Get alert of student performance
• Get alert day to day attendance
• Define salary of every employee on basis of Pay Band or Pay Scale
• Calculation of salary days
• Creation of salary at the end of month
• Manage advance of salary, PF and Security
• Details of TDS
• Accessioning
• Circulation
• Serial Control
• Cataloguing
• Details of goods.
• Issue details of goods
• Requisition details
• Purchasing details of goods
• Minor inventory of departments
• Receiving of fee
• Generates details of fee head wise
• Ledger of students
• Refund of fee
• Creation of dues
• Define fee structure on basis of class
• Generate daily fee collection
• Defaulter list
• View attendance of all employee
• Manage In and out time of every employee
• Define all leave of employee on basis of designation
• Leave application
• View attendance of student
• View timetable of students
• View fee structure / fee status of students
• View uploaded assignment or homework
• View exam progress of students
• View holidays and events of school
• Send personal message to college administration
• View personal details
• View attendance
• View timetable
• View fee structure / fee status
• View uploaded assignment or homework
• View exam progress
• View holidays and events of school
• Give online exam
• Creation of different kind of hostel.
  For e.g. Boys Hostel , Girls Hostel
• Allocation of room of hostel to the students
• Deallocation of room of hostel
• Details of students
  ◊ Hostel wise
  ◊ Room no. wise
  ◊ Hostel Floor wise
• Define all the details of vehicle.
• Define all transport routes.
• Allocation of student route wise.
• Deallocation of students
• Generation of transport card
• Details of students route no. wise

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