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Branding & Graphics

Defining And Communicating Your Brand :

We understand the role that communication has to play in logo development. It is a critical element of a brand (the entire experience one has with your company or organization) as it sets the tone for all other parts of the experience.

People relate to a logo, and so it's important that yours be more than just type thrown on a page... unless that's the experience you're trying to project. We work with you to create a logo that communicates your unique nature; a logo you will proudly display for years.

Leave The Right Impression :

Your business card is an extension of you. It's how you introduce yourself; it's what you leave behind. With modern printing methods, an infinite variety of paper, colour and style is possible. Whatever the design however, people need to be able to read it quickly and find the information they're looking for.

We have the years of experience and the skills required to handle any kind of print project, including :
    √   LOGOs
    √   Banners
    √   Brochures
    √   Catalogues
    √   Advertising
    √   Newsletters
    √   Gen. Reports
    √   Presentations
    √   Etc...

We take a fresh look at traditional layout, and create designs that are powerful and approachable. We have developed great relationships with suppliers who offer exceptional service at the best prices.

We enjoy special projects and tight timelines. Whatever your print needs, you can trust The SDT Group's creative design to really communicate and sell your message.

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