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About SDT Software Solutions

Company Profile :

SDT Software Solutions has started in Aug 2000 with unique vision of achieving the heights in IT sector by caring and serving the people. Customer satisfaction is the key building block in our success.

SDT range of IT services and solutions addresses the technology needs of your company in variety of vertical business segments. You may define the need/problem, we collaborate with you to outline the solution and implement it in a way that firmly places you in position to lead the power of technology without losing focus on your core business.

SDT Software Solutions understands that effective training of your staff plays an essential role in realizing return on your investment. Our customised training programs are as flexible and adaptable as our software. Some of the training options available to your similar or related tasks, providing with key users from each department and training one or more individuals at the orgnization to become software trainer.

Our Vision :

We define SDT as a new business mythdology. Our main aim to implement well structured plane for grow your business as per your requirement. We effort to take entertainment to new heights, bind to the vision, with which this organization was founded.
In accordance with our corporate vision, our aim to become a catalyst for our collective supporters in an faithful interaction of corporate social responsibility with cause related to different field like Software Development, Educational Information. Now SDT endeavor to bridge creativity with professionalism, as creativity is a continuous evolution of oneself.
Our aim is to take creativity and professionalism to the yet untouched fields of india. Through an array of services and events, our clients and audience will discover something new in each genre.

What We Do :

We are a group of people they work together for providing batter services of each and every field related to our work. We have a professional panel of experts who belong to diversified industries, academic institutions and public sector.

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